Memories they hope they'll never forget

Memories they hope they'll never forget

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Gardener by Sheesh

There is no question that Connie’s gardens are world class. They are colorful, weed- and snail-free, and easy on the eye. All Cannon neighbors have garden envy, and wish that they could make their flowers bloom with the same vigor and fullness as Connie’s flowers. Indeed, baby petunias, begonias, tulips, and azaleas across the nation grow up dreaming of somehow ending up in Connie’s garden.

However, such beautiful gardens come with a cost, including countless hours invested in weeding, planting, watering, trimming, dead-heading, pruning, and snail-baiting. The hours spent distributing mulch around the gardens cannot be numbered. But, such is gardening. It’s a labor of love. Connie’s love for her garden, whatever house she’s lived in, has also caused her to miss several memorable events, listed in no particular order below:

5) Chad comes home from a date several hours into the AM, finds Connie planting in the back yard, fears a lecture is on the way for failing to be home on time, but ends up leisurely reporting on his date while Connie finishes up some petunia planting.

4) Heber sneaks out through the back yard at 1:30 AM while Connie weeds the front yard.

3) Curtis sneaks out through the front door at 1:00 AM while Connie weeds the back yard.

2) Chase’s friends wait in a car out front from 1:00 AM to 1:30 AM as Chase waits for Connie to stop weeding and go to bed. Finally, at 1:45 AM, Chase sneaks out through his window, hops the front fence on the west side, and heads out on the town, while Connie finishes up snail-baiting.

1) John Stockton hits buzzer-beating 3-pointer over Charles Barkley in Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals, sending the Utah Jazz to the Finals for the first time in Jazz history. As Stockton’s shot hits the bottom of the net, a unanimous and unified cheer echoes through Salt Lake City as Connie, on her knees in the second tier of the backyard garden, wonders what catastrophe has just occurred.

Whatever the cost, Connie has mad skills when it comes to gardening, and her gardens will always be a thing of beauty.

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