Memories they hope they'll never forget

Memories they hope they'll never forget

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

CC-ing by Cate

Nose plugs, anyone? It's hard to believe that CC ran a swim school for 14 years, because like the many toddlers who started at the Lynwood Swim School, she herself is still not fully accustomed to the water. Besides the fact that water is usually cold – and CC hates being cold – water also messes up your hair, and occasionally goes up your nose. So I have ingrained in my head forever the image of CC plugging her nose each and every time she goes in water – whether it be climbing into the swimming pool, sinking into the lake after water-skiing (love those skinny legs!), or jumping off the boat at Lake Powell. Actually “jumping” is not quite the right action verb in this case, because she never actually “jumps” in. She just kind of falls/glides/hangs-on-to-the-ladder-for-as-long-as-possible-and-then-gracefully-sinks into the water. Anyone have a good word to describe this? Maybe we should call it "CC-ing!"

Note that CC is the ONLY person on the beach with not only a jacket but long pants and a turtleneck. She must have forgotten her gloves.

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