Memories they hope they'll never forget

Memories they hope they'll never forget

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Connie Vs. The Drive Thru by Heber Collins Duncan Cannon

Connie has control over a lot of things. The relief society, thousands of people running around the backyard for her swim school, her own children, and the TV. (We don't like to admit that she has power over the TV, but have you been in the house when she starts counting down from 10?). One thing Connie's that continues to elude Connie, is the Drive Thru.
To give me comfort whenever I broke a bone, went to the dentist, and sometimes after a music lesson, Connie would take me to McDonalds, Wendy's, Burger King, not so much Taco Bell, but that could have been in the mix.
On one such occasion I broke my wrist, and on the way home from receiving a cast we stopped at McDonalds. This particular Golden Arches is kiddy corner to the St. Marks Hospital. Somehow Connie pulled into the drive thru going the wrong direction, pulling up to the take out window first. We then had to back out onto the street, and pull back around to the correct starting position. Once we placed our order, we pulled up to the first window to pay. As Connie was pulling out her credit card to pay, the card jumped out of her hands and ended up under my seat.
Connie did not have any cash and this card was our only way of paying for the food. The card of course ended up under my broken wrist side so I couldn't easily slip my scrawny wrist through the seat and reach it. Connie of course got the giggles while I struggled to reach between my legs with my right arm. My attempt to get to the card with my right arm proved worth fruitless. To get more reach I positioned myself upside down in the car. By this point the person at the McDonalds window was wondering what prank was being played, because Connie was now cackling and I was upside down struggling to get my hand far enough under the seat to get the card.
After eight minutes I finally managed to get the card, but they may have just given us the food for free to keep the line moving.
Connie is great at finding joy in the little struggles we face every day, and has the most contagious cackle ever.
I love you mom!

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